The Esoteric Order
Yes, We Went There


by Nakath . March 24th, 2014

Our favorite band of proper villains is returning. This time it isn’t to WoW or SWTOR but to ESO - Elder Scrolls Online.

If you plan on playing ESO and are already an Esoteric Order member or former member in good standing, drop a message or friend request to @phuka.

If you’re new and want to join the Order, read the following then message @phuka, @ronman01, @gladewolf, or @raavenhawn.

Rules of the Esoteric Order:
Have Fun
Be a Team Player
Be Awesome At What You Do
No Drama

Esoteric Order is a non-anonymous guild. If you would like an invite, please message the above people and introduce yourself by first name (your RL first name, no exceptions - if you want to be called by something else that’s fine, but…) and acknowledge that you have read the rules. Yes, the rules really are that simple.

What sort of guild are you?
We are a PvAnything, casual guild who have tired of the ‘play the UI’ lifestyle and want to just engage in murder and mayhem.

What does No Drama mean?
It means ‘don’t be a dick.’
It means if you don’t get your way all the time, don’t make a stink.
It means you don’t get to be a bigot in guildchat.

Why a pineapple?
Because it’s better than a lime.

How often does Terry reference sex with goats?
Goats? Once or twice an hour. All non-human objects and organisms combined, north of 2x/minute.

Why non-anonymous?
People who aren’t anonymous tend to not act like shitheads. We like that.

by Nakath . October 23rd, 2012

Things went down that no-one liked, but now it seems more people are a lot happier. So things are win-win(-win?) for everyone.

┬áThe Esoteric Order is recruiting. We’d like some evil henchmen for our nefarious schemes. Also, some crazy DPS. If you want to raid on a slack schedule and want to play with people who don’t take themselves too seriously, drop Phuka, Ysandra, Ronman or Ashwilliams a line in-game.

 Raids are Tues and Thurs. 8:15pm.

This week is National Inappropriately Named Battle Pet Week. Bring your pottymouth pet.

by Lor . October 18th, 2012

So the guild went into Mogu’shan Vaults on 25m and ran up against these stone giants. I’d just like to say, they are dead and we are alive. Next we are heading to Feng the Accursed who shall go down in flames tonight.